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Valentine’s week of digital marketing in Kolkata

Valentine’s week is a great time to showcase your digital marketing, socials and analytics skills. Valentine’s week of digital marketing in Kolkata

  1) SEO day  –

SEO day is the first day of Valentine’s week when all marketers are busy with their SEO campaigns. SEO is the most important part of digital marketing in Kolkata and it can make or break your digital marketing campaign.


2) Social media ads day –

Social media ads day is a day when all social media managers are busy with their social media campaigns. Social media manager must be well trained to handle the workload and focus on CTR increasing with the leads


3) Google ads day

On this day,  when all those who are working in Google Ads department are busy with their digital marketing efforts. Google ad manager should have full knowledge about everything concerning google ads and must have good understanding about how to optimize a landing page for better results.


4) Lead Generation day

Lead generation day is a big event for lead generation agencies where they get leads from different sources like email, phone calls, etc. They also get paid for every single lead that they generate during this event.

5) SMO day –

On this day, we will learn about social media optimization. We will know about various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. We will also learn how to generate traffic on social media platforms by using the right strategies and tactics.


6) graphics design day :

He need to actively attending the trend of what will run in the virtual word. He have to understand what want to client through graphics & video to be successful as a social media designer, you should be highly motivated, creative, and possess solid knowledge of marketing competencies.


7) Audit report day :

this day is a very nervus and pressure full day. Whole week what result come from you and your them work and how get benefits from you to the origination or client. If they are happy on your report means your continue in the relationship with them. & you can celebrate the   valentine of Digital marketing.

conclusion :

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